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Our Need of Jesus
« on: November 10, 2015, 08:37:33 AM »
Have you ever heard a sermon that stated "we need Jesus all the time"?  It seems as if we don't comprehend our need of Jesus to not only be saved, but to do any  good thing. Where did this idea come from? Are there some teaching that we do not need to make a full surrender to Jesus in order to be saved, or to love those that are unlovable? Yes, sadly there are many.

Is there something wrong with teaching that we need Jesus in order to be saved, in order to do any good thing? What is the  problem? I  bring this up because it has become a great challenge to present this truth  because many have become hardened to it. Yet, it will be almost impossible to be saved until we see we are sick and in need of the Physician. If we do not understand reveals condemnation and a separation from God, then we are deceived and sadly comfortable in this Laodicean condition.

The weakest follower of Christ has entered into an alliance with Infinite Power. In many cases God can do little with men and women of learning, because they feel no need of leaning upon Him who is the source of all wisdom. . . .
If you trust in your own strength and wisdom, you will surely fail. God calls for complete and entire consecration, and anything short of this He will not accept. The more difficult your position, the more you need Jesus. The love and fear of God kept Joseph pure and untarnished in the king’s court. . . .
It is impossible to stand upon a lofty height without danger. The tempest leaves unharmed the modest flower of the valley, while it wrestles with the lofty tree upon the mountain height. There are many people whom God could have used in poverty—He could have made them useful there, and crowned them with glory hereafter—but prosperity ruined them. They were dragged down to the pit, because they forgot to be humble—forgot that God was their strength—and became independent and self-sufficient.
Joseph bore the test of character in adversity, and the gold was undimmed by prosperity. He showed the same sacred regard for God’s will when he stood next to the throne as when in the prisoner’s cell. Joseph carried his religion everywhere, and this was the secret of his unwavering fidelity. As a representative of Christ, you must have the all-pervading power of godliness. You must be hid in Jesus. You are not safe unless you hold the hand of Christ. You must guard against everything like presumption and cherish that spirit that would rather suffer than sin. No victory you can gain will be so precious as that gained over self. Selfish ambition, desire for supremacy, will die when Christ takes possession of the affections.—Manuscript 14, 1889.

Have we made a full surrender of self to Jesus today? We can if we will spend time with Him and learn of Him who gave all for us.
Jesus receives His reward when we reflect His character, the fruits of the Spirit......We deny Jesus His reward when we do not.