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During the Labor Day weekend we were motoring up the river ready to float back down when with a bang!  I thought we hit a rock. My daughter thought her brother had fallen out of the canoe. No, a flying carp just hit the side of the canoe. Later we saw a couple of others jump out of the water. I replied, " we are apt to have one of these guys in the canoe at this rate." Well, this 5 lb. beauty jumped right into the canoe much to the dismay of my tap dancing daughter as the fish flopped wildly around her feet. I guess the noisy propeller made the fish think they were under shark attack or something to that effect. My wife and son felt sorry for the fish as he was bleeding a bit. However, they are of a hardy variety so we think he survived ok. He speed off when released as this was a catch and release fishing trip.  :-D

What is the lesson from nature ?   Hmmm !   Some fish/ men are just dying to be caught ?
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