Author Topic: Church Manual Proposed Change on Changing "Minister" to "Pastor"  (Read 1306 times)

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There was a lengthy discussion on the proposal to change the term minister to pastor.  It was an interesting comment that Neil Nedley made. He said if the motion passed, there would be no need to have the discussion on Wednesday. He was speaking to the issue of women's ordination. Again, the proposal was not clearly presently to the delegates in my opinion, so there were many who appeared confused as to what would going to happen if the change went through.

It is interesting that Elizabeth Talbot was concerned about women's authority being rolled back 30 years. She has a concern in that the move to allow women to be local elders was not voted on by the GC in session, but at an annual council. They usurped the authority of the Session. This needs to be corrected. It could be brought up from the floor at this session.

The vote to allow this change was out of order from my understanding. The chair had halted previous motions saying he would like to have discussion first. He then halted discussion when Doug Batchelor moved to send the proposal back to committee. That motion passed, thus blocking the change for the day.

Talbot immediately objected on the basis of failure to follow correct rules of order. While disagreeing with her position on the proposal, I believe her to be correct in the failure of the chair to follow the rules of order. Proper motions made earlier were denied. On the other hand, even though this was improper, the time to object was prior to the vote. Talbot waited until after the vote to object. Not being an expert on the rules of order for the session, I cannot say for certain, but it appears that the chair was wrong, and that Talbot was also wrong in waiting until after the vote to bring her point of order.

The chair modified his conduct for the rest of the meeting.
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