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Spring Garden Time?

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Richard Myers:
It may not seem like time to begin working on a spring garden, not with the cold winter blasting across much of the world, the southern hemisphere excluded, but if we want to get a jump on summer harvest, we need to start seeds sometime prior to the warm weather. If you have not purchased seeds, then it is time to do so.  After losing most of my tomatoes last summer, I am not as zealous this year.
But, I will not let that failure deter me from learning what I can do to prevent the blight next year.  Marijuana laws have been passed that may cure the problem. It appears that they spread blight.  :(

Has anyone started seeds yet?

Ed Sutton:
Pick a place nightshades have never grown.   In those future rows till under sulfur for fungicide and bio-char & wood ashes and various rock dusts and enough lime flour or calcium chloride to restore the ph appropriately.   

Sow hairy vetch and winter rye down a patch covering the area for the row or rows for green manure for the future tomato row or rows, mow and till under 6-8 weeks before planting tomatoes.

Put watering "Tee" tape or soaker hoses just under the dirt to water without splashing soil on the tomatoes, once up.

Pick varieties with most blight resistance, only plant plumpest healthiest seeds.

In the prepared row of good growing medium grow regular tomatoes with maxifort just 2-3 inches away from each regular tomato plant.   

Try growing maxifort tomatoes as rootstock to graft onto.  Very vigorous rootstock but lousy tomatoes. 

Grow good tomatoes in one row, a few inches away grow a matching row of maxifort, and lean the maxifort plants over and top them and "Tee" graft them into the side of each stalk of the good tomatoes .  Sucker prune all maxifort growth once the grafts take.

Once the tomatoes are well up sow non gmo soybeans and short clover between the rows to fix extra nitrogen.

Put in a small bee hive 20 feet away from the garden.


--- Quote from: Richard Myers on January 01, 2015, 01:06:29 PM ---Has anyone started seeds yet?
--- End quote ---

The thought didn't even cross my mind until now. :)  I'm thinking however that it might be just tad bit too soon for my neck of the woods with a last frost date of late may. However, it is good to start thinking about it as I want to expand my garden this year but don't have a real good area do it.


 The forecast here is for 5-8 inches of snow for tomorrow and sub zero temps. Given the wind in this part of the country that is alot of snow. It is only by faith that I can think about Spring gardening.  :)

Richard Myers:
Yes, it is not time to plant and too early for most to start seeds, but Ed has the right idea, there are some things to do, and Jim knows that it is time to start planning. And, buying seeds now is better than later when you need them and will have to wait for delivery or find the variety you want are sold out. I put Christmas lights on my citrus yesterday. We had a freeze before I went to bed. :(


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