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Re: Thinking about doing a Garden?
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Amen, Sister Marelis! What a blessing it is to see the seeds germinate and the trees grow and produce an abundant harvest! Or even just one or two plants of kale in a pot!  I still remember the day when a young boy I learned that the peach that I picked off of our tree could produce another tree that would produce hundreds of peaches. All from the one little seed within my peach!! And, how much would it cost? Nothing, but some effort on my part to plant the seed.

Many will say, but you need to prepare the ground, fertilize, and water the seed. Yes, that is the better way, but you know what? There are seeds that produce plants and trees that I have never planted, watered, fertilized, or weeded. I have quite a few pecan trees that the squirrels planted, God watered, and I only have to fight off the squirrels to get a few! What an amazing thought!!!

Today, we have seed companies that produce seeds that produce plants that have no seeds.  :(    That is not the ways of God. He gave us plants that produce seeds after their kind. God's ways are not the ways of the world. I think that God put it into all little children to be impressed with the germination of seeds and the growth of plants and trees. But, we need to take advantage of that by taking the little ones into the garden and help them care for the plants. There are many spiritual lessons for them to learn as the garden grows.
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