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Have you never planted a garden but are thinking about it? Well I want to encourage you to seriously consider planting one next year. Until this year I had never planted a garden but with everyone talking here at TRO in this gardening area it made me want to try it so I did. I believe the Lord wanted to encourage me because I have been very blessed this year with my small garden.

I had a few small trials at the beginning. I broke grass sod with a rototiller. That is much harder work than most people (who don't garden) realize. I even had 2 consecutive thunderstorms try push my very young corn stalks down. I had to support them with doweling and string. It was a learning process. But here are just some of the results.

Excellent. It is such a rewarding experience to grow a garden.

Wonderful! Gardening is a challenge, but worth the effort.

What is the speckled squash?

Watching bees on sunflowers is one of my favorite summer pastimes.  :)

Oh, dear. I just read the watermelon topic and found out that is not a squash. I have never seen a melon like that before.

I think Mark said it is a moon and stars variety. It is new to me. Have never before seen one.


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