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Prayer for Neighbor and his father in law
« on: August 02, 2013, 09:48:22 AM »
Prayer warriors, I do have another prayer request I would like to bring to your attention and ask for your prayers. I have been doing some carpentry for my neighbor this week and he informed me yesterday that his father in law the day before was diagnosed with leukemia and at best might make it to the holidays. My neighbor and his wife are taking it pretty hard even though he is 80 years old.
He knows I am a religious man and has seen the Lord work in my behalf while doing a job for him in the past, so he started asking questions yesterday.
When someone starts asking questions about religious matters, I take it as a sign that God has something to tell them and is using me as the medium or avenue for that message. He was raised a Baptist but has never been baptized, and he himself does not practice religion but does as he pleases. He is a martial arts instructor and could see he has read about the eastern religions as well. He is a believer in the KJV bible and that is what I quoted in my responses to his questions.

He is a Vietnam vet and was saying he had done many bad things, and seen many bad things and didn't know if he could go to heaven. His father in law he said was a religious man and the best man he has ever known. He sees no reason why God would not take him to heaven, but he wants to see him there and don't know if that can happen. I reassured him that if he will confess his sins to God, He will be faithful and just to forgive him as well.  I told him that He will like throw them into the depths of the sea and remember them no more. I said the devil will bring them back to mind to try and discourage him, but as far as God is concerned, they are history.

We talked for some time about sin and it's curse, about death and what it curtails, and afterwards he walked down to his pond that was in view from his roof and I could see he was in the valley of decisions, I could see the Holy Spirit was working upon his heart in a mighty way.   Working in such a mighty way I could only kneel down on the roof and plead that angels that excel in strength be sent in a mighty way to beat back the evil works of darkness so that the Holy Spirit  could have be heard lowed and clear.

Later, I asked him if he liked to read which I had observed in times past that he did, to which he said yes. Well yesterday evening I went back over after supper to work some more for it was suppose to rain, and took him a little book from Mark Finnley on life after death, a KJV promise book so he could look at the promises for his need as they are in the Word, and the book Finding Peace Within.

His hardest thing to comprehend was how bad and wicked things can happen to good and innocent people.  I told him it could be that if his father in law is going to go and rest in the arms of Jesus, does he think that maybe God could use such a bad thing as it might look like to us, to draw someone else to follow in his father in laws footsteps?  I said, we can't see the big picture like God sees, and what looks bad to us might actually be a blessing  in the long run. I finished by telling him that God might be allowing this to happen in order to get his attention now so that He can prepare him to see his father in law again in heaven. 

The Lord is working on him mightily and I ask you to pray for Him and his family and father in law. Pray that the books will be read and have their intended effect. And pray that i will say only the words that will be a benefit in the situation. Thank you and may God bless.


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Re: Prayer for Neighbor and his father in law
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2013, 05:41:56 AM »
Mark, I will be praying. Not only for him but for you to have knowledge in what to do and say.
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Re: Prayer for Neighbor and his father in law
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Re: Prayer for Neighbor and his father in law
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Mark, we will be praying for your neighbor and his family.  His concern is a most important one that we, above all people can answer. "His hardest thing to comprehend was how bad and wicked things can happen to good and innocent people." The "great controversy" reveals the answer to this. You might give him the book.
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