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What metadata can reveal
« on: June 30, 2013, 07:56:59 PM »
For those who don't completely understand what metadata can reveal about a person the 2nd link might be helpful. I don't share this to get people excited and all scared but rather so people can understand metadata better and therefore make intelligent decisions about how they use their cell phone and anything else that is connected to the internet. The fact is a majority of people depend on cell phones especially if they've cancelled their land line to save money and the rest who have cell phone would probably never give up the convenience.

However, if you have an Android based phone you can see what meta data each app is accessing. Each app when it's installed will ask for permission to look at certain meta data. You might be surprised if you click on "show all". Just today I read a story where the Facebook app is sending your phone number to Facebook even without permission. Story here.

The next is link is an article about a German citizen who sued the big telecom company in Germany for his metadata. He then made it public so people could see what this entails. I'm guessing most people already realize this but it doesn't hit them until they see something like this.

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