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AudioVerse provides free Bible-based and Christ-centered audiovisual resources aimed at inspiring and educating Seventh-day Adventists and all spiritually interested people around the world. Our main purpose is to proclaim the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to hasten and to prepare the world for His imminent Second Coming.

We regard the message we share as of priceless value because it leads to spiritual rebirth and salvation.  Every soul is of infinite worth in God's eyes because He Himself died for them.

We understand that fee-based services can be profitable.  We even have friends who work for and operate such organizations.  For some, this maybe God's calling.  We do not intend to compete with them. We believe it is reasonable to charge a fee for physical materials such as CD's and DVD's, as long as the cost is kept low. Furthermore, we do not believe it is a contradiction of faith to recover the costs of recording equipment and labor through fees passed onto the listener, even if the medium itself is free, such as the Internet.


However, we regard the truths in our recordings as precious life-preservers that may be the listener's only link to health, happiness, and salvation.  Many are drowning in sin, hopelessness, and darkness.  It is our primary duty to rescue these individuals in any way that we can.  Unfortunately, the people who are most in need of these spiritual truths, and those who will be most receptive to them, are the least able and/or willing to pay for them.  This includes people in poorer countries such as India and all over Africa and Latin America.It includes young people in developed countries who have little or no discretionary income of their own.  Furthermore, it includes secular-minded people for whom spiritual things are a long way off.


We solve this dilemma by seeking alternative means to fund this website than by charging the listener or by bombarding our visitors with advertisements.  This is already very easy due to the low cost of Internet bandwidth and web hosting. Our equipment is donated, our 3rd-party recordings are donated, and everything we do is with volunteer labor.  Thus, for a very low cost, we are able to provide many hundreds and even thousands of downloads per day.  And the traffic keeps growing.


This situation is providential in many ways.  We are not geniuses or graduates from top-rated business schools.  Rather, our church group is very active and we have connections with many like-minded people throughout the church who wish to provide recordings or are organizing events we wish to record.  We saw the opportunity and we determined to provide life-preservers at the lowest possible cost to the receiver.  God rewarded our determination and helped us work it out so we could do it for free.


We owe a debt of gratitude first and foremost to Him, but also to all of those who have contributed to this ministry.  As our Testimonials page attests, their benevolence is daily being exchanged for the most priceless asset, people's salvation.  What a blessing!

Many of us use  Just today we learned they have partnered with as a means to raise funds.

Dear Friends,

In this month's newsletter, I want to share three updates with you:
10 Million!

On January 25, we exceeded 10 million all-time downloads! This is a significant milestone for us, and we are thrilled that so many people are being touched by the messages from this website. Thank you for using this service and sharing it with your friends to ensure we can hit the next million even faster!
GYC 2012 messages now posted!

GYC has once again graciously shared the recordings from their 2012 convention with us. The plenary meetings as well as the seminar sessions are now posted on AudioVerse.

Don't forget, we also have messages from previous GYC's from GYC 2007 through 2011!
Shop Amazon, Support AudioVerse.

I want to share with you an exciting opportunity where you can help contribute to AudioVerse by shopping at Amazon! On our donate page, you will see a banner link like the one below for Amazon. If you click-thru that link to the Amazon homepage, a percentage of everything you purchase during that session will go to AudioVerse. To make it simpler for you to remember, you can also bookmark your browser to, which will also direct you to Amazon on behalf of AudioVerse. In either of these cases, your shopping experience is not altered one bit, and best of all; your prices do not increase at all either! Be sure to remember to use this link each time you make purchases on Amazon, and please tell all of your friends!

In Christ,

Alistair Huong
Executive Director

P.S. We continue to need your financial support to keep this service available for free. You can give your financial gift online through PayPal or by check at the following address:

4815 Impala Park
San Antonio, TX 78251
  For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89