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LA Times TV Critic on Angus
« on: December 08, 2012, 04:39:29 PM »
Today,  Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times television critic chose Angus Jones as his subject matter. For a Los Angeles television critic I was impressed with his ability to recognize truth and to print it.

He knows that "Jones is not the first 19-year-old, after all, to conclude that television is bad for you."  He also understands that Angus is not "the first rich kid his 2010 contract with 'Two and a Half Men' guaranteed him $7.9 million over the next two seasons not to be made happy by his riches." And, Lloyd stated that Angus is not "the first actor to attack a vehicle, or the first performer to feel himself swayed toward a holier path: I give you the Rev. Al Green, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens and actress Debra Paget, who left Hollywood to become a nun."

The high point in Lloyd's article was his most truthful statement that "to the extent we look at such transitions as comical or sad, misguided or self-defeating or limiting, we only confirm the narrowness of our own ideas of what can constitute a Good Life."  It may be that Angus has awakened some deeper truths in some involved in the entertainment business. We are encouraged that God is turning some not so good things to good.  One truth is that Angus, having experienced first hand the inside works of television, can speak from a first hand experience of what goes on behind the scenes, especially in the life of child actors. He has  done pretty good having been exposed for many years to the material that he now does not wish others to see.

Thank you, Robert Lloyd, for your honest remarks concerning our friend, Angus Jones. LA Times Angus is on the right track to find happiness which the Bible calls "peace that passes all understanding." 
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