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Gold and Silver Prices Plunge
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:51:49 PM »
Gold prices have crashed. With deep financial troubles around the world, investors are cashing in. Silver prices and other metals have followed suit. Gold and silver have shown their worst losses since 1987.
Gold prices hit a high of $1,923.70 an ounce on September 6 and now the precious metal at this hour is selling at $1,618.  That's over a $300 an ounce drop! Silver was even harder hit.  Speculating in such things is not according to God's ways.  Many have gambled and lost.  Many more are gambling with their lives, eternal life. 

Trouble is coming upon the earth. Last week it was the fires in Texas. This week it is world-wide economic disaster.  All has been prophesied and this comes as no surprise to those who love God, keep His commandments, and are studying their Bibles.
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Re: Gold and Silver Prices Plunge
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2016, 08:29:45 AM »
What are your thoughts regarding owning  a small  amount of heaven's concrete ? I currently have none. For certain we know that cash is going to be worthless very soon. It is tangibly worth nothing right now. Any money in the bank is just a number on the computer screen and can disappear just as fast as it was typed in. While we are told not to hoard, we already use coins and currency. That will change. Gold and silver has a certain amount of tangible value no matter what happens. It could be used for money both when the banks go down, cash is useless and called in, and when one can no longer buy or sell. Someone will always trade food for silver, for instance, especially when they get a very good trade off deal. We are told #1 to invest in the  Lord's work. However, most of us have at least a small amount in the bank. Is it wrong to carefully put that into something tangible to be used to live and for the Lord's work when the going gets tough ? In the Time Of Trouble of course that is out of the question but what about now ?  We already use currency. What about currency that has tangible value ? I am not suggesting speculating in an attempt to get rich as we have plenty of clear Inspired counsel against such, but wonder about having a relatively small amount of currency of tangible value as opposed to a number on a computer screen.
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