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I Remember You
« on: February 25, 2010, 12:43:09 PM »
I remember You, O Holy One of Israel.
You caused me to remember Your name.
Come to me and bless me.

Shepherd me to Your golden rest;
Divide me from this pitch.
With pleading steps
I dare down this moonless midnight deep.
I am wholly at Your mercy,
a disoriented refugee.
Don't let me err,
for You made me Your daughter;
You wrote Your name all over me;
You claimed me and covered me in Your womb.

Remember me, Eternal Father,
and the hope You have given me,
my yearning trust, and my need.
Strengthen me with Your faithfulness.

You are my God.
Let me to Your depths, Your heart, Your truth;
Open me in the wonder of Your mysteries;
Hold me tighter, treasured in my treasure.

Unfurl my heart to You, Lord, and forever be My Remembrance.
Faith is the living power that presses through every barrier, overrides all obstacles, and plants its banner in the heart of the enemy’s camp. 4T 163.3