Author Topic: Testimony of answered prayer and release.  (Read 1547 times)

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Testimony of answered prayer and release.
« on: February 24, 2010, 10:29:08 AM »
O Jesus, I'm full of bitterness.
Rage is a thick swarm of hungry wasps around my head
and my body is frozen in concrete weeping.
Sorrow howls from my deep for justice.

Please forgive me, Lord, of all this wrath
that burns in me
that ties me
that binds me
like a straight jacket and a sound proof room
keeping me locked in the fleshy lust of this satisfying hatred.

I can't stand this anguish.
 I can't bear it and I can't depart from it.
It transforms my vision.
It consumes my veil of protection.
It wakes the dangerous dream from it's slumber
and I am face to face with the living nightmare.
Gone are the dividing illusions.

Avenge me, Lord.
Vindicate me, Lord.
Take my wrath and give me rest.
Let me be pure.
Let me be pleasing to You.
What am I supposed to do?

Come dwell in this thick darkness.
You said You would dwell in the thick darkness.
Shine Your Life in me and recreate me.
Please, Lord, I want You to be able to look at me
and see that Your creation is good again.
But I am helpless and I don't know my own needs.

Prove Yourself faithful, Lord.
I am in great need.

I was worshipping in prayer
and was taken to the Father's throne.
I stood looking from a distance
and I saw a light moving around the base of the throne.
It was the light who brought me there.
The throne was in the midst of a thick cloud,
which was the Presence of God,
which was Peace,
which was substance, but not tangible.
It was straight and level and I could not understand it.
I stood in the cloud and was changed.
I stood in the cloud before my God and knew Him,
and He knew me.
I stood with dignity, and confidence, and maturity
and knew with absolute certainty that He is coming;
There will be judgment.

He has vindicated me.
Those who hated me hated my God,
and they are chosing.

Judgment is the Lord's.
And I can rest.
Faith is the living power that presses through every barrier, overrides all obstacles, and plants its banner in the heart of the enemy’s camp. 4T 163.3