Calvin Thrash M.D.

A Medical Missionary

Dr. Calvin Thrash passed from this life into that peaceful sleep that will only be disturbed when our Lord returns. He died Tuesday, February 5.

It is not often that we will take time to reflect on one's life after they have left the field of battle, but in this case we believe it is important to take the time. God's people need to be encouraged and by reviewing the work of Dr. Calvin Thrash at Uchee Pines we shall be greatly encouraged.

Uchee Pines Institute was started in 1970 by Dr. Calvin, a specialist in Internal Medicine, and his wife, Dr. Agatha Thrash, a board specialist in pathology. It is a non-profit, health educational and treatment facility located in the country near Seale, Alabama, 15 miles from Columbus, Georgia. Uchee Pines has been dedicated to helping people who are suffering from the lifestyle illnesses of today that are killing millions of people in the western world every year.

The Thrashes were dissatisfied with the "regular" practice of medicine. They determined to find a way to help people through simple, natural methods using exercise, vegetarian nutrition, and such simple treatments as hydrotherapy, massage, the rational and judicious use of some herbs and supplements, and firm faith in the Divine Healer.

A common comment heard by patients over the years has been, "This place is like a piece of heaven on earth." God's ways are indeed best and we can anticipate that His blessings will be seen when we follow His counsels. With success, Uchee Pines has begun work on a new Lifestyle Center. The site is chosen, the architect plans are complete, and construction of a new road is currently underway. After nearly three decades in the current building, this project is anxiously anticipated by everyone.

Currently Uchee Pines is involved in raising funds for the project. But years ago God was busy arranging circumstances that would assist in this effort. A woman from Columbus, Georgia, came to Uchee Pines with grave health problems. She stayed at the Lifestyle Center for over a year, gaining strength and health. When she finally left, she was a new person and is still going strong today. She and her two brothers are helping to fund the new Lifestyle Center.

The Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center is not just an in-patient facility. It is a school, a school where students come from all over the world to receive instruction in natural medicine. Doctors and nurses have come seeking knowledge. Grandmothers and teens have come with a desire to learn and return to their homes and countries to help others. The health message entrusted to the Seventh-day Adventist Church is alive and well at Uchee Pines and is going forth around the world.

We have knowledge that "the medical missionary work is to bear the same relation to the work of the third angel's message that the arm and hand bear to the body. Under the direction of the divine Head they are to work unitedly in preparing the way for the coming of Christ. The right arm of the body of truth is to be constantly active, constantly at work, and God will strengthen it. But it is not to be made the body. At the same time the body is not to say to the arm: "I have no need of thee." The body has need of the arm in order to do active, aggressive work. Both have their appointed work, and each will suffer great loss if worked independently of the other." Dr. Calvin understood this instruction and Uchee Pines followed it.

Dr. Calvin was a member of The Remnant Online. As a true medical missionary he saw that the medical work was the "right arm" of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His first post at TRO is indicative of the great desire of his life. We share that post with you that we all might reflect on the opportunity that we all have if we will take up the work as Dr. Calvin Thrash did, if we will all become medical missionaries.

Dr. Calvin New Member
posted 03-06-2000 06:37 PM

Richard, Let me give you a little report of a recent event in our Lifestyle Center at Uchee Pines. We look on this work as very much a "seed sowing" one, but occasionally it bursts into fruition right away! We just had a couple here from Nassau; he is the Assistant High Commissioner of the Police Dept for the whole country. He was mightily impressed with the simplicity & spiritual atmosphere. Our chaplain was conducting a prophecy bible study on Daniel, and the couple attended every meeting, often staying late to ask questions. The bottom line: they left yesterday, vowing that they were going to finish bible studies quickly and be baptized! We can only say, Praise the Lord! Similar things are happening frequently. I wouldn't trade this type of "Right Arm" work for all the income of the biggest Managed Care operation in this country!

Calvin Thrash

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